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How to Copy an Existing Theme

You can make your own Map Theme by making a variant of an existing theme prefab. You can use that variant to change the base prefab settings using the Override menu.


  1. You will need a new 3D (URP) Unity project with Lightship Maps installed. For instructions, see Installing the Lightship Maps SDK.

Creating a Variant Theme

You can copy an existing theme by creating a variant theme:

  1. In the Project tab, find a theme prefab you want to copy. If you want to start with a base theme, you can find the Lightship SDK base themes in Packages/Lightship Maps SDK/SampleAssets/Themes/_Base.

  2. Copy that theme prefab to somewhere in your Assets folder.

  3. Select the theme prefab and under the Assets menu select Create > Prefab Variant (or use the right-click menu on the prefab).

  4. Name your new theme variant. The variant's icon will show a stripe on one surface.

    A new Variant theme next to base themes
  5. Select the variant to modify its components, properties, or child objects (e.g. builders).

Updating a Base Theme

When you update a base theme, the changes will flow to all the variant themes created from that base. There are two methods for updating a base theme:

  1. Locate the base theme in the Project view. Select it, and make the appropriate changes.

  2. In the Inspector view of a variant theme, select the Overrides drop-down.

    A new Variant theme next to base themes
    1. Select individual changes from the base theme and select Apply from the Override dialog
    2. Or, select Apply All To Base from the Overrides menu.