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The MapTheme inspector’s “Select a builder…” dropdown does not update when modifying the Map Theme’s list of features.

To refresh the Builders dropdown, click on another object in the Hierarchy or Project view to change the Inspector’s focus. Then, return to the Map Theme Inspector by clicking on the Map Theme GameObject. The dropdown should now be populated correctly.

Maps SDK materials are rendered as pink in non-URP projects.

By default, Map Themes and their corresponding materials in the Maps SDK use shaders compatible only with Unity’s Universal Render Pipeline (URP). For compatibility with projects using Unity’s Built-In Render Pipeline, the Maps SDK also includes non-URP materials and Map Themes. In the package, these assets have the “_Standard” suffix (e.g., “Light_Lit_Theme_Standard”).

To use these Standard materials and Map Themes, do the following:

  1. Click on the LightshipMap GameObject in the Hierarchy.
  2. On the LightshipMapView component, either:
    1. Drag-and-drop a Map Theme prefab ending in “_Standard” into the Map Theme field.
    2. Use the selector tool on the Map Theme field to select a Map Theme prefab ending in “_Standard”.
  3. Save the changes to the prefab.
  4. Press the Play button in the Editor to confirm the Lightship Map is now using a Map Theme compatible with your project.