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Unity Development Guide

Layout of a Maps Unity Project

The Lightship Maps configuration of a Unity project is straightforward:

  • LightshipMap - Lightship Maps prefab
    • Map Theme - The current lighting theme to use
      • Feature Builders - The scripts that render different features of the map (ground, roads, buildings. etc)
    • Map Layers - Components that render over the map, including GameObjects

In the project Hierarchy, LightshipMap will appear at the top level. MapLayers can appear anywhere but can be placed as a child of LightshipMap. Map Themes do not show up in the Hierarchy by default but as a property of the LightshipMap. If you open the Map Theme in the Hierarchy can you find a list of FeatureBuilders that it uses.

In your Unity project, you can find Themes under Packages/Lightship Maps SDK/SampleAssets/Themes. You can find APIs, including builders, under Packages/Lightship Maps SDK/Runtime/Niantic.Lightship.Maps. You can find Samples in Assets/Samples/Lightship Maps SDK.

In This Guide

  • Lightship Map Prefab - The Lightship Maps prefab is a Unity prefab, a prepackaged GameObject with components, property values, and child assets. The prefab supports feature builders, a map layer, features, and themes.
  • Feature Builders - The LightshipMap prefab uses configurable feature builders for generating and rendering meshes for map tiles features.
  • Map Layers - A map layer is a group of GameObjects associated with a map.
  • Map Themes - Map Themes are the basis for the visual style of the Lightship Map.
  • Unity How-To Guides - Step-by-step instructions for performing common tasks.