Augmented Reality Development Kit

Use the Niantic Augmented Reality Development Kit (ARDK) to create diverse, multiplatform AR experiences. The ARDK combines context awareness technologies together with robust multiplayer features, letting you create meaningful shared experiences that realistically interact with the physical and digital worlds. The ARDK is made for developing AR experiences for both Android and iOS mobile platforms, and integrates directly within Unity.

We are actively developing the ARDK, so ARDK features and docs are subject to change. If you’re already using the ARDK be sure to review the release notes for each release of the ARDK to understand what changes have gone into a release.


New to the ARDK? Use the following resources to learn about the ARDK, set up your development environment, walk through a quick getting started example, and review sample code.

  • Key Features: Get a quick overview of the key features of ARDK
  • Getting Started: Get started with the ARDK by walking through all the steps needed to develop an AR experience using Unity and the ARDK
  • Download the ARDK: Download the latest ARDK and sample code projects
  • Development requirements: Learn about system requirements for developing AR experiences with the ARDK
  • Run-time requirements: Learn about device requirements for running AR experiences built with the ARDK
  • Sample Code: Browse the catalog of sample code
  • Development tools: Learn how to use ARDK developer tools like Virtual Studio


See the following page for a catalog of ARDK tutorials.


Use the following resources to get comprehensive reference documentation on the ARDK APIs and frameworks.

Release Notes

Use the following resources to understand what changes were made for each release of the ARDK.