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ARDK - The Lightship Augmented Reality Development Kit, which allows developers to create immersive, multiplayer AR experiences and bring them to life in the real world.

Builder - A Feature Builder.

Feature Builders - A Feature Builder generates and renders meshes for Map Features. See Feature Builders.

Feature Layers - Broad categories of physical features on the ground in the real world. See Feature Layers.

Game Object - A Unity GameObject represents anything in a Scene.

Label - Text associated with a map feature.

Layer Kinds - See Feature Layers.

Level of Detail - The details shown as the map zoom level changes. See Level of Detail.

LightshipMap - A Unity Prefab that configures Maps in your project. See Lightship Map Prefab.

Lightship Map Manager - The Lightship Map Manager is responsible for initializing the Lightship Maps Core library. See Lightship Map Manager.

Lightship Map View - The Lightship Map View represents a single viewable area of the map. See Lightship Map View.

Map Feature - An individual part of a map, such as a street or a park. See the Feature Catalog.

Map Themes - Map Themes are the basis for the visual style of the Lightship Map. See Map Themes.

Materials - In Lightship Maps, "Materials" refers to Materials in Unity. In Lightship Maps, materials can be applied to a given Feature Builder, and that material is then used to render the builder's generated mesh.

Prefab - A Unity Prefab.

Prefab Variant - A Unity Prefab Variant.

Scene - A Unity Scene.

Skybox - A Unity Skybox.

Theme - A Map Theme.

VPS - Lightship VPS lets you synchronize your device with real-world locations by locating and understanding real-world VPS-activated Wayspots. For more information, see the ARDK documentation.

VPS-activated Wayspot - Unique or notable, publicly accessible, real-world locations that Lightship VPS apps can engage with.