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Map Features Catalog

The tiles Niantic Lightship Maps offers are based on Tilezen, which primarily uses OpenStreetMap (OSM) data. We use much of the same tile layer kinds, features, tags, and metadata as Tilezen and OSM.

Supported map layers

A map layer is a grouping of related map features and content. Niantic Lightship Maps supports these base feature layers:


Styling and color schemes of map features shown in this documentation are different than in the actual release.

Zoom Levels

These features are available at different zoom levels:

Zoom levelsAvailable features
0-5landmass, major water bodies, country/state labels
6-11landmass, major water bodies, large parks (parks, woods, wetlands), railway, highways, city/town labels
12-14landmass, all water bodies, large parks (parks, woods, wetlands), railway, highway, major roads
15-17landmass, all water bodies, all landuse, all roads/paths

For more information about zoom levels, see Map Fundamentals.


Different map objects are represented by different types of geometry. Roads, for example, have a Polyline (a multi-point line) representing the path of the road and a Label for the name of the road. Buildings have a Polygon representing the shape of the building and a Label for the name of the building. Places have a single Point and a Label.