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Lightship Maps for Unity Public Beta Launch (v.0.4.0)

Lightship Maps for Unity, now in public beta, is a new SDK that provides developers with seamless and customizable mapping solutions built specifically for creating location-based AR applications. This release includes:


  • Customizable maps: Choose from 19 built-in-themes or customize the look and feel of the map meshes and map GameObjects through highly-tunable map feature builders.
  • Performance focused for developers and end-users: Maps SDK uses the Unity Job System and Burst Compiler to enhance map building performance. In addition, fetched Lightship Maps tiles are cached on users’ mobile devices for faster loading in areas of low-connectivity.
  • Full access to vectorized map geometry and semantics: Procedurally generate content based on the vectorized map geometry and semantics. Use this access to make the map a part of your immersive AR experience by having objects or characters react realistically to the world around them.

Additional Features

  • Transition across a wide range of zoom levels with tiles spanning from zoom level 0 (one tile for the world) to zoom level 17 (17 billion tiles for the world).
  • Place interactive content (e.g - game characters) on top of the real-world objects.
  • Get the latest map data through the Maps SDK by default, with several updates throughout the year.

Breaking Changes

For those who participated in the private beta, this public beta release has significant changes in the core API and the SDK. Please keep this in mind and budget extra time for migrating your applications to the public beta version. If you run into issues, please contact us via our Community Forum or our Discord channel.