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How to Apply a Theme to Lightship Maps

Lightship Maps comes with over a dozen visual themes with Lit and Unlit variants. To see pictures of those themes in action, see Map Themes. These steps show how to apply a new theme to the LightshipMap prefab.


  1. You must have a Unity project with the Lightship Maps package installed and a LightshipMap prefab added to a scene. See Getting Started with Lightship Maps if you have not done that yet.


  1. In the Project tab, navigate to Packages > Lightship Maps SDK > Sample Assets > Themes. Select the folder for the theme you wish to add.

  2. In the scene Hierarchy, select the LightshipMap prefab. The Inspector window should appear on the left with the Map Theme property visible.

  3. Drag the prefab for your chosen theme onto the Map Theme property and drop it.

    Dragging and dropping a new map theme
  4. If you want to manipulate the theme, drag it into the Hierarchy as well.