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interface IObjectBuilderStandard



    interface IObjectBuilderStandard: Niantic.Lightship.Maps.Builders.IObjectBuilder {
// methods

void Build(IMapTile mapTile, GameObject parent);

// direct descendants

class ObjectBuilderStandard;

Inherited Members

// properties

Guid Id;
int MinLOD;
int MaxLOD;

// methods

GameObject CreateParent(IMapTileObject mapTileObject);
void Release(GameObject parent);

Detailed Documentation



void Build(IMapTile mapTile, GameObject parent)

Called when a maptile is added to the scene. This method instantiates objects for a specific set of maptile features.


    mapTile - The IMapTile containing features to build.

    parent - The GameObject instantiated by IObjectBuilder.CreateParent that this builder's objects will be parented to.