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Release Notes v3.3

ARDK version 3.3 is detecting objects in the real world!

The new Object Detection feature adds 206 new categories to Niantic's contextual awareness system, allowing Lightship to detect a wide variety of object classes and subclasses. Some fun examples of classes: frisbee, rose, jellyfish, and umbrella, among many others! For a full list of available classes, see the Object Detection Feature page.


  • Experimental: Object Detection

    • Object Detection scans the area on screen for known objects and provides 2D bounding-boxes for them, allowing developers to fine-tune their AR experiences based on the specific objects in the scene. See the Feature page and How-To for more information.
  • Experimental: Semantic Segmentation Confidence Thresholds

    • Developers can adjust confidence thresholds for semantic segmentation channels. This will change when the channel’s bit is active in the packed buffer (see GetPackedSemanticsChannelsTexture). Users can also reset the thresholds to their default values.

Known Issues

  • Appending builds for iOS using Unity 2021.3.33f1 creates an Unexpected duplicate tasks error. Please replace builds instead. If appending is critical to your workflow, roll back to Unity 2021.3.29f1 or upgrade to Unity 2022.3.16f1.
  • Developers migrating Shared AR applications or samples from ARDK 3.0 to newer versions should create a new Lightship API key to avoid potential compatibility issues with regional servers.
  • When activating Lightship SDK for Android or iOS in Unity 2022.3.10f1 and above, you may see the following error message in the Unity console if the build target is another platform: XR Plug-in Management error. Failure reason: Unable to assign com.nianticlabs.lightship for build target Android (or iOS). This error message is benign and the SDK still works as expected for those platforms. Restarting Unity may appear to disable the SDK, but it will still be active.
  • Builds using Lightship depth may fail to deploy to iOS when using a Unity 2022 version earlier than 3.16f1.