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Release Notes v3.2

ARDK 3.2 brings the Semantic Mesh Filtering subsystem, allowing developers to fine-tune the meshes Lightship creates for their AR experiences. It also brings significant performance improvements for iOS and increased stability for Depth and Semantics.


  • Mesh Filtering
    • The Lightship Meshing Extension now allows you to use semantic segmentation to select which geometry is included in your mesh. Semantic channels can be both Allowlisted and Blocklisted, giving developers much more control over what mesh is built for their needs in their application. For example, you can capture only the ground or exclude dynamic objects like people and vehicles. See the How-To for more information.
  • IOS Performance Improvements for Depth and Semantics
    • On supported iOS devices (iOS 12+/iPhone XS and later, excluding A13 devices), CoreML Neural Engine enables a 5x speedup for depth inference and 2x speedup for semantics inference, allowing both features to run at the full 60fps framerate.
  • Stability Improvement for Depth and Semantics
    • Fix for a crash that occurred under certain circumstances when ending a session that used occlusion or semantics features.

Breaking Changes

  • A few classes were marked as public when they should have been internal. These classes were not utilized in the rest of the public API.
    • Niantic.Lightship.AR.Utilities.Textures.NativeDataRepository
    • Niantic.Lightship.AR.VpsCoverage.UnityWebRequestAwaiter
    • Niantic.Lightship.AR.VpsCoverage.ExtensionMethods (in HttpClient.cs)
    • Niantic.Lightship.AR.Subsystems.PersistentAnchor.MockApi & NativeApi
    • Niantic.Lightship.AR.Subsystems.Scanning.NativeApi

Known Issues

  • Builds using Lightship Depth in Unity version 2022.3.15f1 or older may fail to deploy to iOS.
  • Developers migrating Shared AR applications or samples from ARDK 3.0 to 3.1 or 3.2 should create a new Lightship API key to avoid potential compatibility issues with regional servers.
  • Appending builds for iOS using Unity 2021.3.33f1 show a "Unexpected duplicate tasks" error. Please replace builds instead. If Appending is critical to your workflow, move back to Unity 2021.3.29f1 or upgrade to Unity 2022.3.16f1.