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Release Notes v3.5


  • The documentation has been updated across the board, with a smoother onboarding experience, clearer How-To steps, and images and video to help you learn.
  • The Feature pages now contain more relevant information that will help you create your AR experiences.
  • Many long-standing bugs are now fixed, including over 200 minor issues from all over ARDK.


  • Recordings made with ARDK 3.0-3.4 have issues in them that prevent World Pose from working properly with them. Please re-record those scenes if you want them to function correctly in all scenarios.

Known Issues

  • Importing GSB zips while the Unity Build platform is set to Windows/Standalone/MacOS will set texture compression to DXT/BC, which is not compatible with iOS/Android device builds (when the ARLocation is using the “Include Mesh in Build” option). Recommended workaround is to set the Unity Build platform to iOS or Android before importing GSB zips. Alternatively, set the “Texture Compression Override” in Build Settings for Windows/Standalone/MacOS to “Force Uncompressed”, but this will cause textures to be larger.
  • Using Lightship Simulation on Windows machines in Unity 2021.3.31-2021.3.37 will throw errors and fail to render. This behavior occurs in AR Foundation 5.0 and is fixed in Unity 2022.
  • Updating to 3.5 from an older version of ARDK when updating multiple packages (like ARDK and Shared) may cause corruption in the Library folder. Closing Unity, deleting the Library folder, and reopening the project resolves the issue. This is an issue with Unity and they are investigating a fix for it.