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Release Notes v3.6


  • Apple privacy manifest support is now available.
  • Meshing Level of Detail options have been added to the Lightship Meshing Extension.


  • Object Detection
    • Added functionality to stabilize detections which can be toggled on/off via the ARObjectDetectionManager.IsStabilizationEnabled or the XRObjectDetectionSubsystem.IsStabilizationEnabled properties.
  • Meshing Level of Detail
    • This allows the system to dynamically reduce the overall cost of meshing. It is particularly useful when coupled with long-distance meshing to enable large play areas without loss of accuracy for nearby objects.
  • Experimental
    • Mesh Download API - Added the LocationMeshManager component and related classes. This component can be used to download the mesh associated with an ARPersistentAnchor or an Anchor Payload.
      • See the VPSLocalization sample scene or How-To for details on using the mesh download API
  • Resolved a bug with creating the cache directory on Android devices.

Known Issues

  • Using Lightship Simulation on Windows machines in Unity 2021.3.31-2021.3.38 will throw errors and fail to render. This behavior occurs in AR Foundation 5.0 but is fixed in Unity 2021.3.39 and Unity 2022.