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Version: 3.2

Location Drift Mitigation

The ARLocationManager class provides three experimental features for drift mitigation.

To access these features:

  1. Open the Player Settings menu:
    1. In the File top menu, choose Build Settings.
    2. Click the button labeled Player Settings in the bottom-left corner of the Build Settings window.
  2. Add the experimental feature flag:
    1. Scroll down to Script Compilation in the Player Settings menu.
    2. Under Scripting Define Symbols, click the + button to add another line, then add NIANTIC_ARDK_EXPERIMENTAL_FEATURES to enable them.

Feature Overview

The three experimental drift mitigation features are:

  • Continuous Localization:
    • Without continuous localization enabled, VPS only localizes a single time and the anchor may accumulate drift over time.
    • By default, Continuous Localization sends VPS localization requests every 2 seconds. The rate of localization requests can be configured using ContinuousLocalizationRateSeconds.
  • Temporal Fusion
    • By default, averages the last five good localization results to provide a more stable localization. Continuous Localization must be enabled for Temporal Fusion to work.
  • Interpolation:
    • Adds interpolation to anchor updates for smoother transforms. By default, interpolates updates over 1 second.