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Version: 3.2

Experimental Semantic Channels

Lightship ARDK supplies experimental semantic channels for testing purposes. Because they are experimental, these channels may need accuracy improvements; if you find an issue with them, please provide feedback in the Lightship Developer Community.

For information on using the standard Lightship semantic channels, see the Semantics feature page.

IndexChannel NameNotes
[9]flower_experimentalThe part of a plant that has brightly colored petals and provides pollen. Does not include any green parts (stems, leaves).
[10]tree_trunk_experimentalThe part of a tree that connects the leafy crown and branches with its roots. Does not include leaves, branches, flowers, or processed/cut wood (logs).
[11]pet_experimentalOnly dogs and cats. Not designed to work on soft toys of dogs and cats.
[12]sand_experimentalFinely divided rock and mineral particles. Sand has various compositions but is defined by its small grain size. Includes all types of sandy/gravelly surfaces found on the floor/ground, wet sand, and sandcastles/sand art. Does not include dirt, soil.
[13]tv_experimentalScreen portion of any digital device. Includes both screens turned on and screens turned off. Excludes the frame (“bezel”) around the screen, and stands.
[14]dirt_experimentalIncludes mud and dust covering the ground. May overlap significantly with sand. Includes dirt roads.
[15]vehicle_experimentalincludes all components of vehicles. Covers all types of cars and trucks. Intended to also work on (but accuracy may vary) motorcycles, bicycles, rickshaws, horse carriages, tuk-tuks, trains/trams, boats/ships, airplanes/helicopters/hovercrafts.
[16]food_experimentalAnything that can be consumed as “food” and not “drink” by human beings, including salt & pepper, and boxes/packaging likely to contain food or ingredients. Does not include live animals, pet food, or plates/dishes the food is served on.
[17]loungeable_experimentalAll objects intended to be used to sit on. Includes beds (including the legs and bases), and legs and bases for chairs or sofas. Does not include pet beds/blankets, or any empty spaces/gaps in chairs or sofas.
[18]snow_experimentalAtmospheric water vapor frozen into ice crystals and falling in light white flakes or covering the ground as a white layer. Includes clean and dirty snow. Includes icebergs and icicles, ice/snow sculptures, igloos/snow houses. Does not include ice in drinks, snow in the sky.