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Version: 3.2

Object Detection

With over 200 new classes of objects, the Object Detection subsystem enhances Lightship's contextual awareness capabilities by creating semantically labeled 2D bounding boxes that dynamically update as real-world objects appear on-screen. For each bounding box, the subsystem makes an independent prediction for every subclass, returning the probability that the detected object belongs to each of them.

To learn how to access the object detection categories, see How to Enable Object Detection.

Object Detection Categories


While the probability of each class is computed independently, the subclasses of each category are used to train the categorical classes they belong to. Because of this, objects can be detected as members of their categorical classes rather than their specific subclasses. For example, a French horn will return a high probability that the object is in the french horn, brass instrument, and musical instrument classes.

Aircraftairplane, helicopter, hot air balloon, parachute, rocket
Carcar, taxi
Vehiclevehicle, bicycle, bus, car, motorcycle, taxi, train, truck
Footwearfootwear, roller skate
Headwearheadwear, fedora
Musical Instrumentaccordion, brass instrument, drum, flute, piano, string instrument
Brass Instrumentfrench horn, saxophone, trombone, trumpet
String Instrumentbanjo, cello, harp, guitar, violin
Foodfood, apple, banana, berry, bread, broccoli, cake, carrot, cheese, citrus, coconut, dessert, donut, egg, fast food, grape, hamburger, hot dog, ice cream, pear, pizza, pumpkin, sandwich, sushi, tomato
Berryraspberry, strawberry
Citrusgrapefruit, lemon, lime, orange
Dessertdessert, cake, donut, ice cream
Fast foodfast food, french fries, hot dog, pizza, hamburger, sandwich
Pumpkinpumpkin, squash
Drinkdrink, hot drink, juice
Hot Drinktea, coffee (recognized when in a cup)
Cooking Panfrying pan, pressure cooker, slow cooker, waffle iron, wok
Furniturefurniture, bed, chair, couch, shelves, storage cabinet, table
Jugjug, teapot
Lamplamp, candle
Screencomputer display, tablet, TV
Toytoy, doll, teddy bear
Water Featurefountain, swimming pool
Animalanimal, alpaca, bear, big cat, bird, camel, cat, cow, crocodile, deer, dog, dolphin, elephant, fish, frog, giraffe, goldfish, hippopotamus, horse, jellyfish, kangaroo, panda, parrot, pig, polar bear, rabbit, reptile, rhinoceros, seal, sheep, shellfish, squirrel, turtle, water bird, whale, zebra
Alpacaalpaca, llama
Big Catcheetah, jaguar, leopard, lion, lynx, tiger
Birdbird, parrot, water bird
Crocodilecrocodile, alligator
Deerantelope, deer, moose
Flowerflower, rose, sunflower
Horsedonkey, horse, mule
Insectinsect, butterfly
Fishfish, goldfish, manta ray, seahorse, squid
Reptilereptile, crocodile, turtle
Sealseal, sea lion, walrus
Sheepgoat, sheep
Shellfishcrab, lobster, oyster, shrimp, snail, starfish
Turtlesea turtle, tortoise
Water Birdduck, goose, swan