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Version: 3.4

Release Notes v3.4

ARDK 3.4 introduces a new experimental feature called the World Positioning System (WPS). WPS improves the accuracy of your device's compass and GPS location, improving application navigation. WPS also improves coordinate-based object geocaching over standard GPS performance, allowing objects to be placed with increased accuracy anywhere in the AR world or on a 2D map.


  • New Production-Ready Features:
    • Object Detection
    • Simulation
    • Telemetry for Contextual Awareness
  • New Experimental Features
    • World Positioning System (WPS)
  • Notable Improvements
    • Occlusion Stabilization removal of banding in shadows
    • Occlusion Smooth Edges option added

Known Issues

  • When activating Lightship SDK for Android or iOS in Unity 2022.3.10f1 and above, you may see the following error message in the Unity console: XR Plug-in Management error. Failure reason: Unable to assign com.nianticlabs.lightship for build target [Android/iOS]. This error message is benign and the SDK still works as expected for those platforms. After restarting the editor in this state, you may also see warnings in the Project Validation and Lightship Settings windows that can safely be ignored.
  • When using Lightship Simulation, switching between scenes will cause Simulation to stop working. This is intended behavior in the ARFoundation XR Simulation package that Lightship Simulation is built upon. To circumvent this, either enter Play Mode directly from the desired AR scene, or re-initialize XR between scenes when in-editor (see Unity’s sample code for an example).
  • When using Lightship Simulation, the environment prefab must be set in both Lightship Settings and Unity's XR Environment settings.
  • Using Lightship Siulation with Lightship AR features (such as Depth Prediction and Semantic Segmentation) is currently unsupported in Windows.
  • Users may see performance issues on Pixel 7 devices. This will be addressed in an upcoming release.
  • Some recent versions of Unity will cause crashes when using AR features on Samsung Galaxy S22, S23, and S24 phones, as well as phones with similar chipsets. This issue was addressed in Unity 2021.3.37, but still persists in Unity 2022. See the public Unity bug for details.
  • The warning Package “Lightship World Positioning System (WPS) Plugin" has no loader metadata. Skipping loader initialization. will appear in the Unity console when using the experimental WPS package. This is a benign error and can be ignored.
  • Updating to 3.4 from an older version of ARDK when updating multiple packages (like ARDK and Shared) may cause corruption in the Library folder. Closing Unity, deleting the Library folder, and reopening the project resolves the issue.