Discover what's new in Lightship ARDK 3.3
Elevating real-world AR experiences with object detection and adjustable semantic segmentation.

We’re pleased to announce the release of Lightship ARDK 3.3! 🚀 This update introduces object detection and enhancements to semantic segmentation, offering developers refined tools for creating immersive real-world AR experiences.

🔍 Object detection: expanding your real-world AR toolkit

With ARDK 3.3, developers can now utilize object detection to identify and interact with a wider range of objects within AR environments:

  • Increased contextual awareness: Object detection adds 206 categories for a more nuanced understanding of the scene, supporting a broader range of AR applications.

  • Enhanced interaction capabilities: Provides 2D bounding boxes for accurate interaction with a wide array of objects, enriching user engagement.

🎯 Adjustable semantic segmentation: real-world blending

ARDK 3.3 now allows for adjustable confidence thresholds in semantic segmentation, offering even more control over how digital elements blend with the real world:

  • Customizable experience: Developers can now tailor the activation of semantic channels to fit their project’s specific needs, improving the precision of AR overlays.

  • Development flexibility: Adjusting thresholds ensures a natural fit within the user’s environment, streamlining the development workflow and elevating the user experience.

Start incorporating Lightship ARDK 3.3 today and learn more about the possibilities they can add to your AR experience! 🚀

Published February 15, 2024
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