Unveiling Lightship ARDK 3.2
Unlock enhanced mesh filtering, performance upgrades, and more!

We’re excited to announce Lightship ARDK 3.2 is now available. 🚀 This update brings new features and enhancements that empower developers to create more refined and responsive AR experiences.

🔍 Mesh filtering for enhanced precision in AR development

ARDK 3.2 introduces mesh filtering, improving how developers can manipulate and use AR meshes:

  • Precise geometry control: Mesh filtering enables selective integration of specific elements, enhancing the accuracy of AR environments.

  • Focused mesh customization: Use Allowlist and Blocklist options to target essential elements and avoid unnecessary ones, streamlining AR development.

  • Enhanced AR relevance: Tailor AR interactions to your application’s specific needs, ensuring more meaningful and engaging user experiences.

📱 iOS performance improvements for smoother and faster AR

For iOS users, ARDK 3.2 offers a significant performance leap, enhancing the speed and smoothness of AR features:

  • Faster AR processing: Experience a 5x speedup in depth and 2x in semantics inference on iOS, enabling quicker and more complex AR interactions.

  • Smoother visuals: Enjoy seamless AR with depth and semantics running at 60fps, enhancing realism and user engagement.

  • iOS optimization: Significant performance enhancements specifically for iOS users, ensuring efficient and effective AR experiences on Apple devices.

🔒 Stability improvements for reliable and consistent AR sessions

ARDK 3.2 addresses key stability concerns, ensuring more reliable and consistent AR sessions for developers:

  • Stability enhancement: Resolves critical issues to prevent crashes during occlusion or semantics usage, ensuring smoother AR operations.

  • Consistent AR performance: This update guarantees more stable and reliable AR sessions, elevating the overall quality of user experiences.

Dive into the latest advancements and start building with Lightship ARDK 3.2 today! View the release notes and join us in shaping the future of augmented reality.

Published January 18, 2024
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