Niantic Developer Policy

About these Policies

Niantic wants to enable developers to create immersive AR experiences that inspire movement, exploration, and shared experiences. In order to ensure that these experiences are safe and fun for users, apps developed with Lightship must adhere to these policies.

Avoid Inappropriate Content

We reserve the right to review the experiences you enable using the ARDK, particularly if a user has flagged it as inappropriate or potentially dangerous.

Inappropriate content includes:

  • Content that sexualizes minors, including but not limited to, apps that promote pedophilia, CSAM or inappropriate interaction targeted at a minor,
  • Sexually explicit or pornographic content,
  • Lewd, vulgar, obscene or graphic content (including excessive or gratuitous graphic violence),
  • Content that promotes illegal activities (including the sale of controlled substances, how-to manuals for dangerous weapons or items, human trafficking, etc.) ,
  • Hate speech or content that promotes violence or incites hatred against people on the basis of any characteristic that is associated with systemic discrimination or marginalization (including the use of hate symbols associated with known hate groups) ,
  • Experiences that result in the abuse or harassment of others (including threats to their person, their families of their belongings or the sharing of personally identifiable information),
  • Content promoting or created by violent extremists and/or dangerous organizations,
  • Content that is designed to mislead, deceive, or otherwise harm users.
  • or spam.

Never Create Dangerous Experiences

Lightship provides unprecedented ways to create immersive AR experiences for your users. Do not create experiences that could place users in a dangerous location or situation.

Respect Privacy

Put privacy at the heart of your app development. Respect the privacy of your users and don’t create experiences that encourage users to invade the privacy of others.

How we enforce the Terms of Service and these guidelines.

We will review reported or flagged apps and will determine whether or not they violate the Terms of Service and/or these policies. Developer accounts are penalized for violations of the Terms of Service and/or these policies. Depending on the violation, we may issue a warning, suspend your account, or permanently terminate your account without warning.

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