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struct AgentConfiguration



struct AgentConfiguration {
// fields

readonly float JumpDistance;
readonly int JumpPenalty;
readonly PathFindingBehaviour Behaviour;

// methods

int jumpPenalty,
float jumpDistance,
PathFindingBehaviour behaviour

static AgentConfiguration CreateSimpleAgent();
static AgentConfiguration CreateJumpingAgent(PathFindingBehaviour pathFindingBehaviour = PathFindingBehaviour.InterSurfacePreferResults);

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readonly float JumpDistance

The maximum distance an agent can jump in meters.


readonly int JumpPenalty

Determines the cost of jumping.

.. note::

This is an added cost for steps taken 'off-surface'. @discussion Being off-surface includes steps taken at the jumping off point and steps taken mid-jump. If there is a 1 cell block between the start and the destination, assuming going around takes ~3 points, then jumping over with no penalty will cost 2 points, jumping over with 1 penalty will cost 3 points, and so on... If there is a gap between the two surfaces, the cost of jumping will aggregate with each step until the agent lands on a surface.


readonly PathFindingBehaviour Behaviour

Determines how the agent should behave when its destination is on a foreign surface.