Lightship 3.5: Making it easier to build real-world AR
Streamlined documentation and enhancements for a better developer experience

You asked, and we listened! We’re excited to announce the release of Lightship ARDK 3.5, which focuses on enhancing the developer experience by improving all of our documentation and addressing minor bugs that improve the overall usability of our platform. Embark on a smoother journey designed to get you started faster and more efficiently than ever before. Whether you’re a new AR developer or a seasoned immersioneer, these improvements will help you unlock the full potential of real-world AR with ease!

Revamped documentation 📘

To enhance your experience building with Lightship, we’ve overhauled our documentation from top to bottom. We’ve focused on making our guides easier to follow, adding detailed explanations, clear step-by-step instructions, and enriching visual content with improved images and GIFs. This ensures every developer, whether novice or expert, can find the guidance they need quickly and understand it easily.

  • Improved navigation: Find information faster with our reorganized content structure, designed to intuitively lead you through setup, development, and deployment stages.

  • Detailed feature pages: Each feature now has a dedicated page with comprehensive details, use cases, and tips to maximize its potential in your projects.

  • Enhanced how-to guides: Step-by-step instructions now include more visuals to help you complete tasks smoothly and understand complex workflows effortlessly.

Squashing bugs 🐛

In addition to documentation improvements, ARDK 3.5 includes fixes for over 200 minor bugs across various components. These updates improve stability and performance, ensuring a more reliable development environment for your AR experiences.

  • Computer vision improvements: Enhanced accuracy and reduced glitches in our computer vision algorithms.

  • VPS and shared enhancements: Upgrades to our Visual Positioning System and Shared AR functionalities to bolster collaborative experiences.

With Lightship ARDK 3.5, stepping into the world of AR development has never been easier. We’ve streamlined every aspect of the development process to help you bring your creative visions to life more efficiently. Ready to start building your next AR project or enhance an existing one? Dive into our documentation today and see just how far your creativity can take you!

Published May 16, 2024
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