User Manual

ARDK Setup

AR Fundamentals

Contextual Awareness


Semantic Segmentation



  • Gameboard - Use Gameboard to query the environment for object placement, procedural gameplay and character navigation.

  • Advanced Tutorial: Gameboard - Walk through the steps for adding Gameboard to your AR experience.

Model Cards

Shared AR

Lightship VPS

  • Lightship VPS - Create immersive experiences in which your users interact with persistent, shareable AR content at real-world locations.

  • Getting Started - Get a quick overview of the steps you’ll need to take to start developing with Lightship VPS.

  • Geospatial Browser (Beta) - Search and find VPS-activated Wayspots across the globe.

  • Managing Private Scans - Use private VPS locations in your surrounding area to test with using the Niantic Wayfarer App.

  • Creating New VPS-Activated Wayspots - Submit Wayspot locations to Niantic.

  • Authoring Wayspot Anchors in Unity - Create Wayspot Anchors and save them to your Unity file or project, so that you can easily create experiences for VPS end-to-end, without needing to leave your home or office.

  • Building and Testing Apps with VPS - Tips on how to build and test your VPS apps.

  • Generating Scans for VPS - Use the Niantic Wayfarer app to view Niantic Wayspots, create Private Scans for Private VPS Locations for testing purposes, and test localization with VPS-activated Wayspots.

  • Using the VPS Coverage API - Use the VPS Coverage API to discover VPS coverage areas and VPS localization targets.

  • Localizing with VPS - Synchronize users to a VPS-activated Wayspot.

  • Using VPS Wayspot Anchors - Use the VPS Wayspot Anchors API to precisely place virtual objects that maintain a consistent, stable pose in an AR environment. Wayspot Anchors can also be restored in future VPS sessions and shared between users of your app.



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