struct ARRecordingResearchResults (Niantic.ARDK.Recording.ARRecordingResearchResults)


The research results of an AR recording. More…

struct ARRecordingResearchResults {
    // fields

    string ARDataPath;
    string PSNR;
    ARRecordingStatus Status;
    string VideoPath;

Detailed Documentation

The research results of an AR recording.


string ARDataPath

A path to the AR data rocksbd database. This is a directory, and should be archived before uploading.

string PSNR

A comma separated string of peak signal to noise ratios for each frame

ARRecordingStatus Status

Status of the preview results. Used to detect failures. Status::Completed indicates success.

string VideoPath

A path to the video captured during AR recording. This will usually be an .webm with vp8 encoding.