interface IWayspotAnchor (Niantic.ARDK.AR.WayspotAnchors.IWayspotAnchor)


interface IWayspotAnchor: IDisposable {
    // properties

    Guid ID;
    WayspotAnchorPayload Payload;
    bool Tracking;
    ArdkEventHandler<WayspotAnchorResolvedArgs> TrackingStateUpdated;

Detailed Documentation


Guid ID

Gets the ID of the wayspot anchor.

WayspotAnchorPayload Payload

Gets the payload for the wayspot anchor.

bool Tracking

Whether or not the wayspot anchor is currently being tracked.

ArdkEventHandler<WayspotAnchorResolvedArgs> TrackingStateUpdated

Called when the position/rotation of the wayspot anchor has been updated.


This is only surfaced automatically when using the WayspotAnchorService. It needs to be invoked in your application code when using the WayspotAnchorController.