class MockARSimBase (Niantic.ARDK.VirtualStudio.Networking.ARSimHandlers.MockARSimBase)ΒΆ

Extend this to mock an ARSim server. It will receive messages sent by clients, and provide hooks to invoke ARM messages, statuses, and results. Networking sessions that interact with this mock server need to be explicitly registered, rather than having this tool automatically handle all created sessions. Also adds a hook for invoking a PersistentKeyValueUpdated for registered networkings only, since ARSim uses the Key-Value store for some functionality

class MockARSimBase: IDisposable {
    // methods

    void Dispose();
    void RegisterNetworking(IMultipeerNetworking networking);
    void SendMessageToClients(uint tag, byte[] data);
    void SendResultToClients(uint outcome, byte[] details);
    void SendStatusToClients(uint status);
    void SetKeyValuePair(string key, byte[] value);
    void UnregisterNetworking(IMultipeerNetworking networking);