Visual Positioning System (VPS)
Wayspot Anchors

To create this template, you should have already downloaded and installed the Lightship ARDK and the Lightship Hub packages.

How does it work?

The Wayspot Anchors template allows you to place an object in space and have its position persist over time, sessions, and users.

You can Save and Load the anchors payload to restore them in later sessions.

Create the Template

Open the Welcome to Lightship Templates menu in the Hub and select the Wayspot Anchors template under Visual Positioning System.

You can also access it from the menu: Lightship > Lightship Hub > Templates > Visual Positioning System > Wayspot Anchors.


This will create a series of objects and set up the current scene with all the scripts and components needed to start working. Once you reach this step, you will have a fully working scene that’s ready to be exported.

Test It in the Editor

To test this template in Unity Editor you’ll need to select a mock environment. Go to the Lightship Menu > ARDK > Virtual Studio, then select Mock. You can use either the indoor or outdoor environment.

Press Play to test the scene.

Use the Save and Load buttons to save the Wayspot anchors in the scene or load previously saved ones.

Test It with Virtual Studio Playback

You can test it using Virtual Studio Playback as well.
Download the example datasets from the website and follow the steps found on this documentation page.

Customize Your Scene

To add your own content to the template, replace the [REPLACE ME] object with your own 3D model.

From now on, your object will be used instead of the placeholder.

Ready to build?