Visual Positioning System (VPS)
VPS Coverage Image

To create this template, you should already have installed ARDK and Lightship HUB.

How does it work?

VPS Coverage Image shows you how to get the Coverage image from a Wayspot Location and present it to the user for easy discovery.


Create the template

Open the Welcome HUB and select the VPS Coverage Image template under Visual Positioning System. You can also access it from the menu: Lightship > Lightship Hub > Templates > Visual Positioning System > VPS Coverage Image


This will create a series of objects and set up the current scene with all the scripts and components to start working. Once you reach this step, you should have a fully working scene that’s ready to be exported.


This scene does not use actual AR, instead it’s just an example of how to use the API to get the Coverage Image. In this example you can press play to test the scene right away.


Template Behavior

This template relies on code to connect to the API and get the information.

While testing you can input your own gps location data to test the corresponding Wayspot Location.

To do this set the Latitude and longitude variables in the Spoof Location properties.


You can also modify the Query Radius to widen the range of discovery.

Ready to build?